In the Philippines, where both starting a business and maintaining it is extremely difficult,
we have grown into a taxi company owning more than 300 cars in less than three years from its founding.

Using the experience we gained from the taxi business and its related applications,
we are expanding our extent of business to the following areas:

car rentals, car maintenance, restaurants, and gasoline stations.

And now, we are mapping out ideas for a large project.
It is a development in business that is directed at the customers of our services.

On average, 50 customers board each of our cars every day,
which amounts to 12,000 customers for all cars.
This adds up to 360,000 customers per month or 4,300,000 customers per year.
All of these customers belong to the upper class, or close to it.
In addition, we have 2,000 customers who use our car rental service each month,
and the majority of these people are either considering doing business in the Philippines or already do.

The aim is to invite these customers to become members of our company
with attractive membership benefits and create a large market and community.
There are large business opportunities in the BtoB and BtoC connections that are created in this way.

The key lies in how much we can enlarge this business opportunity.
To this end, we are hiring talented members of staff.


・You are able to take the initiative in digging into the work, getting deeply involved in it.
・You understand the significance of the power of teamwork. ・You are hard-working and honest.
・You are healthy and strong both mentally and physically.
・You want to challenge yourself to working abroad.


1. Sales experience
2. Work experience in business planning, strategy, or management
3. Work experience in Web design or system architecture
4. Secretary experience, ability to read and write Kanji, and English skills at about the business level
For 1–2: Japanese and English (Tagalog) skills at the daily conversation level
For 1–4: Men and women up to 40 years of age
You live within commuting range of our company or can live within this range. All nationalities are welcome. There is a six-month trial period.


1. Sales
2. Business planning, business strategy, and management
3. Web designer and system engineer
4. Secretary


・Preferential treatment is given based on experience and level.
・Fixed salary (starting at PHP50,000 take-home) + performance pay
・13th-month pay + 2 bonuses per year
・Various insurance plans
・Uniforms are loaned.
・Commuting allowance is given.
・Company dormitory is available.
・Incentive pay is provided for skills and performance.


To be considered for employment, please prepare two sets of your resume and a more detailed job history (one set in English and one set in Japanese) and send them along with a face photograph to contact@ryoaki.com.
After considering your application, we will contact you regarding interview date within five days of receiving your documents.
Please note that we will not contact those who were unsuccessful with the application.
Please feel free to inquire by phone or email if you have any concerns or questions regarding the application.
Recruitment officer:濱田(HAMADA) 02-403-8197